Our Project: Affordable Childcare

We all know it is difficult for young families to get started in our modern world.  Wages are stagnant, housing costs are high, and affordable daycare is difficult – if even possible – to find.

The main focus of the Rotary Club of Galena is the support of youth and education, and the needs of the ARC fits perfectly into our mission.   We have pledged $65,000 over the next 2-5 years.  This amount will include:

$25,000 to sponsor the new Infant Childcare Wing
$10,000 to purchase furnishings and equipment
$30,000 matching funds to encourage community support

You can help us meet our pledge: purchase a ticket for yourself and significant other, or fill a table of 8 with your closest friends.  The cost of admission includes a donation to the ARC, so you will be helping the ARC just by attending and having a good time!